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Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Hello friends!

Photo: George de Castro-Day

Our Remove Trump message spread far and wide this week, but the coming week is the most important and urgent. The Senate trial will likely begin, and we're not letting it happen without devoting every ounce of energy we have to influencing Trump's removal. There have been cracks in the GOP's wall around Trump - Collins is working on allowing witnesses, Reps. Mike Lee and Rand Paul were very critical of the administration's Iran briefing -  plus Trump made the incredible admission that he sold our troops to Saudi Arabia for a billion dollars.

We need direct action to widen those cracks.

Join us and folks from the Women’s March in the Hart Senate Building in DC every day at noon. From there we'll share with you our bold action plans. We won't be announcing them publicly ahead of time. We will aggressively court the media to cover each action. Our power will grow as our numbers grow.

As always, follow us on Twitter and Facebook, check our website for resources and info on waging local campaigns in states with Republican Senators up for re-election, donate to help us with signs, banners and website maintenance, but first and foremost - if you are able, please come. We can win.

Remove Trump


Below is a list of hostels with confirmed vacancies this week, and there are several good DC hotels charging less than $100/night.

Highroad Hostel

1804 Belmont Rd NW

(60 to 80 beds available)

Duo Housing

1223 11th St NW

DC Lofty

1335 11th St NW

U Street Hostel

1931 13th St

Capitol View Hostel

301 i St NW

Hotel RL

1823 L St

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