Trump Is Guilty

TRUMP IS GUILTY: That's the clear message we sent yesterday as the Senate impeachment trial got underway. We unfurled multiple house-sized banners, occupied the Hart Atrium and Russell Rotunda, and flooded Mitch McConnell's office. 

Here's our action schedule for the coming days:

Today, Friday 1/17: 

Swarm the Senate actions. Meet up at noon in Hart Senate Atrium

Tomorrow, Saturday 1/18: 

1) Women's March on Washington. Remove Trump contingent will meet starting 10AM at 14th & Pennsylvania

2) Post-March Remove Trump Protest, 3:30-5:00PM — inside Union Station, where it will be warm & dry! RSVP on FB here

We will resume Swarm actions on Tuesday, the first full day of the Senate trial. Meet at our usual time and place, noon in the Hart Atrium.

Get the very latest updates on our action plans by joining our text loop. Text SWARM to 88202.

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