Tomorrow, We Gather at the White House

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

A hand holds a "REMOVE TRUMP" card in front of the White House
Gather every day from Nov 2-11 at noon and 6PM

Tomorrow, people will begin to gather at the White House for Trump's removal.

We will be there every day at noon and 6pm from tomorrow through November 11. We'll gather on the north side of Lafayette Park, at 16th & H.

Bring banners, signs, noisemakers, friends, and above all your determination that Donald Trump cannot serve out his term. This is a nonviolent convergence.

Two special events in the week:

Thurs., Nov 7: Noise Protest at the GOP Senate Strategy Retreat: The Senate Republicans, in their utter corruption and shamelessness, are strategizing on how to deal with impeachment ... at the Trump Hotel. We're paying a visit. Meet at the White House at 6pm, and we'll march over. Bring pots, pans, drums, whistles, and other noisemakers! (And earplugs)

Fri., Nov 8: March to Remove Trump: Meet 11 AM at the Capitol for Jane Fonda's FireDrillFridays rally. Then, at noon, we'll march from the Capitol to the White House ... passing that strategy retreat at the Trump Hotel on the way. This march is legal, but not permitted -- marches in D.C. are legal without a permit if they remain in one lane of traffic.

If you don't already, follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and share our posts! Spread the word, make a plan to get to the White House if you possibly can, and raise up the call to remove Trump.

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