The Noise Protest That Made Trump Sneak Into His Own Hotel

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Photo: George de Castro-Day

Last night, on day 6 of our actions to remove Trump, we met at the White House at usual 6pm time, elicited a few hundred honks from passing cars, and then marched over to the Trump Hotel.

You see, that's where Senate Republicans had gathered for a two-day counter-impeachment strategy retreat.

We had drums and horns and whistles -- lots and lots of whistles -- as well as our "REMOVE TRUMP" and "REMOVE THEM ALL" banners and a great many signs. We had been raising a ruckus for about a half hour when suddenly the Secret Service got all twitchy and told us we had to move away from the entrance because Trump was arriving for the meeting.

Well, they didn't end up bringing him through the front entrance -- we were too boisterous and visible. They snuck him around the back, while our raucous noise traveled into the hotel and, we hope, the ears of the Senate GOP. Here's what it sounded like.

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