Marching to Remove Trump

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

The front of the Nov 8 March to Remove Trump (Photo: T.L. Litt)

On Friday, November 8 we joined forces with FireDrill Fridays and Jane Fonda, inviting them to lead the front of our march to remove Trump. Our burning planet, after all, cannot survive with an arsonist in the White House.

It was a powerful day, with Women's March, Rise and Resist, Veterans for Peace, and many other groups coming together to participate. We began our march at the Capitol, right from the FireDrill Fridays rally, which focused on the links between war and climate change.

Some highlights of the day: As we marched down Capitol Hill, we had a beautiful moment where we crossed paths with immigrant rights marchers heading up the hill to defend DACA. A little farther on, we came across two busloads of 7th graders, who cheered loudly as we passed and eagerly grabbed the "REMOVE TRUMP" cards we shared.

All along the march, folks from Rise and Resist carried our 600-square-foot impeachment clause banner, and recited the clause along the route. When we reached the White House, we unfurled it there while a group from FireDrill Fridays blocked one of the entrances in a civil disobedience action.

It was a day of solidarity across issues and movements. We must join together to get Donald Trump out of the White House. Our raucous March to Remove Trump brought that message to the nation's capital loud and clear.

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