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Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Photo: George de Castro-Day

We are gathering to remove Trump from office, January 6 and every day following. Here's what we can share now about the mobilization:

We will converge on the Senate when Congress reconvenes and hold our ground, for as long as it takes, to demand the conviction and removal of the President of the United States. 

Mass meetup at noon every day in the Hart Senate Office Building Atrium, 120 Constitution Avenue NE. 

The building is open from 7am to 7pm, Monday through Friday and we will aim to have a sustained presence there. Individuals and/or groups are encouraged to take the initiative to assemble at any time during those hours. Additional meetup times and places will be announced as the process moves forward. 

Who is organizing this?

Remove Trump was founded last fall by an informal network of longtime grassroots organizers from many different movements. We staged ten days of action at the White House in November. 

For #SwarmTheSenate, we are partnering with numerous national and local groups, including Women’s March, Rise and Resist, By The People, Progressive Democrats of America, We Will Not Be Silent, Indivisible Nation BK, March for Truth, The Resistance Company, Indivisible, and DemCastUSA. We are committed to a nonviolent convergence. 

What will we be doing? 

We will be gathering together to say with one collective voice that we have had enough and it is time for Donald Trump to be removed from office.

We will use a wide range of methods to deliver this message. Organized protests, and protest signs, are prohibited inside the Hart Building -- groups may gather without a permit, but if you make more noise than a standard tour group or display signage, you will be given a warning by Capitol Police and can be arrested if you do not follow their directions. However, you can wear t-shirts or buttons with messages, and groups have developed many ways to work within the restrictions and still have a powerful presence.

Actions may include group recitations of the impeachment clause of the Constitution and the Senate oath of office, silent witnessing and processions, visits to key Senators’ offices. Outside, we may organize marches, noise protests, and other demonstrations. We are committed to nonviolence in all of our Swarm the Senate actions.

Is this a round-the-clock occupation? No. We will converge at noon every day that Congress is in session but will not stay overnight. Individuals and/or groups are encouraged to take the initiative to assemble at any time between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. 

Will people be taking nonviolent direct action and risking arrest? Our principal actions will not involve a risk of arrest. 

Some groups of people may decide to engage in civil disobedience or other nonviolent direct action  — be sure to read this helpful guide from the Washington Peace Center to understand what’s involved.  

I can only come during my lunch break. Is it still worth coming?  YES! Come for an hour or the whole day, for one day or many days -- whatever you can manage. We will be present during this entire process. 

I can only come on the weekend. Should I still come? Check our on FB, Twitter and Instagram accounts to see what actions are happening on the days you are able to participate.

What should I bring? Bring yourself and friends. Bring your voice. Bring a message for your Senators. For indoor actions, wear a shirt or a button with a message on it. For outdoors, bring signs, as well as a whistle and/or other noisemakers. 

Plan to be self-sufficient. Bring your own snacks. There are restrooms, drinking fountains, and electrical outlets in the Hart Building. Dress in layers as we may be both inside and outside. We don’t know the weather but we do know which way the wind blows!  

Is housing available? At this point, no, we do not have group housing available. In general, plan to be self-sufficient. Our friends at the Washington Peace Center have compiled this list of low-cost and group housing options. 

Are you organizing buses from other cities? Not at this time, but we will share information about any transportation options that become available. 

I can’t come but I’d like to support the effort.  What can I do? Reach out to people you know in or near D.C. The most effective outreach is direct  — text, call, or email anyone you know who might be able to join this mobilization. 

Help spread the word on social media. You can repost our messages on FB, Twitter and Instagram .  

Donate to help cover the costs of outreach materials and other expenses. We’re organizing this mobilization on a shoestring and greatly need your help! 

Are you organizing coordinated events in other cities? No, but we hope other people will, and we’ll be glad to publicize if you tag us on social media. 

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