It’s time: We are converging in D.C. from Nov. 2-11

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

It’s time: We are converging in D.C. from Nov. 2-11 to raise the call for Trump’s removal from office. Plans are moving ahead quickly, here’s what we can share now:

Gather north of the White House (16th & H) every day at noon and 6pm. Bring banners, signs, props, whistles, your friends! Gatherings of less than 25 people are legal without a permit in Lafayette Park; we envision many small groups.

Calendar of events. There will be many additional activities, especially in the mornings and afternoons: trainings, workshops, pop-up protests, citizen lobbying, and participatory meetings including mass assemblies and action spokescouncils. We’ll soon be going live with a calendar so you can see what’s being organized -- and list any event you’d like to organize that aligns with our convergence commitments (see below). A few key dates and events during the week:

Saturday, Nov. 2, High Noon: Convergence begins at the White House

Thursday, Nov. 7, 7pm, Noise Protest at the Trump Hotel: What timing! Senate Republicans are holding a strategy retreat on Nov. 7-8 at -- you guessed it -- the Trump Hotel. We’ll gather at the White House at our usual 6pm time and march over to the Trump Hotel for a “cacerolazo” or noise protest. Bring pots and pans, whistles, drums, and musical instruments as we raise a racket for Trump’s for removal outside this corrupt gathering, while they strategize how to handle a likely impeachment trial in the Senate. The march will be legal. The noise demo is a type of public gathering that Metropolitan police have tolerated in the past, and while we cannot predict what they will do, we believe it will be low-risk.

Friday, Nov. 8, 11am Gather at the U.S. Capitol -- #FireDrill Fridays Rally: We’re joining forces with Jane Fonda, Greenpeace, Code Pink, and others who are holding a rally to highlight the links between war and the climate crisis -- and the necessity of removing Trump from office to safeguard our future. This is a permitted rally; gather on the southeast lawn of the Capitol.

Friday, Nov. 8, Noon, March for Removal: Immediately following the rally, we will march from the Capitol to the White House for Trump’s removal. This will be a legal march. (Marches of any size in D.C. are legal without a permit if they use just one lane of traffic.) Bring your signs, your banners, your marching bands!

Nov. 11, Veterans Day Activities

A Do-It-Yourself Mobilization: Join us for a day, an evening, a weekend, the whole week -- however you’re able to participate. This is a do-it-yourself mobilization -- check out this excellent DC resource guide from the Washington Peace Center for leads on housing and other information you may need. We will be lining up as much infrastructure as we can to support the week of action, but come prepared to take care of yourself and your people.

We welcome all who share these commitments:

  • We are committed to a nonviolent convergence.

  • We are committed to care for one another and keep each other safe by de-escalating any who intend harm.

  • We gather in solidarity and for the liberation of all people.

  • We honor the land where we are gathering as the ancestral home of the Nacotchtanks and come with respect for the Piscataway Nation who continues to steward this land today.

We’ll be sharing additional updates as soon as we have them. In the meantime, we need you to help us spread the word! Share this update, follow and boost us on social media, start firming up plans to join us in DC!

In solidarity,

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