It Begins, and the Feeling is Electric

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Join us at the White House at noon & 6pm every day through 11/11

The first step in removing Trump is believing it's possible.

All day yesterday, people gasped with surprise and delight when they encountered us outside the White House calling for Trump's removal from office.

Our pop-up protest turned into the city's most sought-after selfie station.

Our 10-day convergence at the White House begins as Trump has been loudly booed in both Washington and New York. Polls show growing support for his impeachment and removal. But far too many people still don't think it can really happen. We believe it must, and that's why we're returning to the White House

Photo: George de Castro-Day

every day at noon and 6pm to make a stand for removal.

The more people who join us, the greater our impact. Please spread the word and make a plan to come if you possibly can!

Two special events to flag:

Thurs, Nov 7: Noise Protest at the Senate GOP Strategy Retreat  Meet at the White House at 6pm, then march to the Trump Hotel, where the Senate GOP is plotting how to protect Trump from removal. Bring pots, pans, whistles, drums, your friends, and your outrage.

Fri, Nov 8: March to Remove Trump Meet at the Capitol at 11am for Jane Fonda's FireDrillFriday rally. Then at noon we'll all march together to the White House, passing that GOP Senate Strategy Retreat on the way.

Together, if we're bold and persistent enough, we have the power to remove Trump.

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