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Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Photo: George de Castro-Day

As the House speeds towards its impeachment vote, and the GOP aggressively defends Trump's corruption and crimes, it's more urgent than ever that we rise up to call for Trump's removal.

Here's a rundown of what's being planned, and how you can plug in:

RIGHT NOW: Call your member of Congress, whoever they are, however they plan to vote, to urge that they vote yes on both articles of impeachment. It's especially crucial to call if your rep is wavering or being heavily targeted by the GOP. The Capitol switchboard number is (202) 224-3121.

NEXT WEEK: The full House will likely vote on impeachment

NATIONWIDE RALLIES ON EVE OF HOUSE VOTE: Let's make these huge. 400+ rallies are planned, in all 50 states, on the eve of the House impeachment vote; this effort is being organized by a large coalition of groups including MoveOn; details and signup:

DEC. 19, NONVIOLENT DIRECT ACTION IN DC: Our friends at By the People are organizing a nonviolent direct action urging the Senate to reject the chaos, violence, and criminality of Trump. Information and signup:

JANUARY 8 ONWARD: Converge on the Senate Hart Building The Senate has not yet announced any of its schedule for January, or any details about the upcoming Senate trial. But we intend to be there, in the largest numbers possible, every single minute of their proceedings.

We will share more information as it becomes available, but for the moment, we are urging everyone who possibly can to come together at the Hart Senate Office Building in DC as of January 8, the day the House reconvenes, or the day the Senate reconvenes, whichever comes first.

It will take a sustained and persistent effort on all of our parts. It will take sacrifice. It will take bodies. It will take everyone who has ever been in the street, formed an organization, held a sign, knocked on doors, showed up. We will show the Senate and the world that we aim to hold on to what democracy we have and not let go.

JANUARY 18: Women's March on Washington Women have led the resistance to Trump every step of the way, and this year's Women's March on Washington, January 18, will highlight calls for Trump's removal among other priority demands. More details to be announced; sign up for updates at

NOW AND DURING SENATE TRIAL: TAKE ACTION FOR REMOVAL IN YOUR COMMUNITY Can't make it to Washington? Organize an action for Trump's removal in your community. Some of the most effective grassroots protests during the Nixon impeachment were small “Honk If You Think He's Guilty” actions in communities around the country. You can have a lot of visibility and impact even with modest numbers. Check out the action toolkit on our website at for ideas and resources.

SUPPORT OUR WORK We have been organizing to remove Trump on a shoestring – please donate as generously as you can to cover the costs of outreach materials and other expenses.

Collectively, we are in territory we have never been in before: Demanding the removal of a president of the United States, who is openly waging war on democratic government and any checks on his power. We must fight with every fiber of our being.

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