Remove Trump  is joining with SHUT DOWN DC this weekend, and throughout the vote count, for the most consequential action of our lives.





photo:  Laurie Arbeiter



It is time for him to GO.













We are on the right side of history.


Be there on the ground with us.  


Everyone is needed!





This project was initiated by a loose and diverse network of grassroots organizers from many movements. We invite all who want to support this initiative to join it by building it. Contact us or join our mailing list to learn more!

Swarm the Senate partners include:

Women’s March
Rise and Resist

March For Truth

By the People

Progressive Democrats of America

Indivisible Nation BK
The Resistance Company
We Will Not Be Silent

Democracy For America


We welcome all who share these commitments:

  • We are committed to a nonviolent convergence.

  • We are committed to care for one another and keep each other safe by de-escalating any who intend harm.

  • We gather in solidarity and for the liberation of all people.

  • Wherever we converge, we honor the native peoples whose land we walk upon and come with respect. 








We are gathering to remove Trump from office, January 6 and every day following. 


We will converge on the Senate when Congress reconvenes and hold our ground, for as long as it takes, to demand the conviction and removal of the President of the United States. 


Mass meetup at noon every day in the Hart Senate Office Building Atrium, 120 Constitution Avenue NE. 


The building is open from 7am to 7pm, Monday through Friday, and we will aim to have a sustained presence there. Additional meetup times and places will be announced as the process moves forward.  

Who is organizing this?

Remove Trump was founded last fall by an informal network of longtime grassroots organizers from many different movements. We staged ten days of action at the White House in November. 


For #SwarmTheSenate, we are partnering with numerous national and local groups, including Women’s March, Rise and Resist, By The People, Progressive Democrats of America, We WIll Not Be Silent, Indivisible Nation BK, March for Truth,  DemCastUSA, Democracy For America, The Resistance Company, and IndivisibleWe are committed to a nonviolent convergence. 


What will we be doing? 

We will be gathering together to say with one collective voice that we have had enough and it is time for Donald Trump to be removed from office.


We will use a wide range of methods to deliver this message. Organized protests, and protest signs, are prohibited inside the Hart Building -- groups may gather without a permit, but if you make more noise than a standard tour group or display signage, you will be given a warning by Capitol Police and can be arrested if you do not follow their directions. However, you can wear t-shirts or buttons with messages, and groups have developed many ways to work within the restrictions and still have a powerful presence.


Actions may include group recitations of the impeachment clause of the Constitution and the Senate oath of office, silent witnessing and processions, visits to key Senators’ offices. Outside, we may organize marches, noise protests, and other demonstrations. We are committed to nonviolence in all of our Swarm the Senate actions.


Is this a round-the-clock occupation?
No. We will converge at noon every day that Congress is in session but will not stay overnight. Individuals and/or groups are encouraged to take the initiative to assemble at any time between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. 


Will people be taking nonviolent direct action and risking arrest?
Our principal actions will not involve a risk of arrest. 


Some groups of people may decide to engage in civil disobedience or other nonviolent direct action  — be sure to read this helpful guide from the Washington Peace Center to understand what’s involved.  


I can only come during my lunch break. Is it still worth coming?  
YES! Come for an hour or the whole day, for one day or many days  — whatever you can manage. We will be present during this entire process. 


I can only come on the weekend. Should I still come?
Check our on FB, Twitter and Instagram accounts to see what actions are happening on the days you are able to participate.


What should I bring?  
Bring yourself and friends. Bring your voice. Bring a message for your Senators. For indoor actions, wear a shirt or a button with a message on it. For outdoors, bring signs, as well as a whistle and/or other noisemakers. 


Plan to be self-sufficient. Bring your own snacks. There are restrooms, drinking fountains, and electrical outlets in the Hart Building. Dress in layers as we may be both inside and outside. We don’t know the weather but we do know which way the wind blows!  

We encourage everyone to wear black in order to identify ourselves as a unified force, To express our originality and creativity we encourage everyone to utilize bold colors wherever we can, such as in lettering or patches on t-shirts. Signs and banners may be displayed outside but not within the Hart Office Building. 


Is housing available?
At this point, no, we do not have group housing available. In general, plan to be self-sufficient. Our friends at the Washington Peace Center have compiled this list of low-cost and group housing options. 


Are you organizing buses from other cities?
Not at this time, but we will share information about any transportation options that become available. 


I can’t come but I’d like to support the effort.  What can I do?

  1. Reach out to people you know in or near D.C. The most effective outreach is direct  — text, call, or email anyone you know who might be able to join this mobilization. 

  2. Help spread the word on social media. You can repost our messages on FB, Twitter and Instagram .  

  3. Please include our primary hashtags: #SwarmTheSenate #RemoveTrump You can also add whatever your preferred tags are, with variations such as: #ConvictAndRemove, #RemoveTrumpNow, etc.  In addition, #NoWar and #NoWarInIran have been trending and could be added if you wish. Feel free to use other tags that happen to be trending at any given time.

  4. Donate to help cover the costs of outreach materials and other expenses. We’re organizing this mobilization on a shoestring and greatly need your help! 


Are you organizing coordinated events in other cities?
No, but we hope other people will, and we’ll be glad to publicize if you tag us on social media. 



Action Toolkit: 

Reciting The Senatorial Oath of Office 


Whether at your state capitol or at a local senatorial office, reciting the Senatorial Oath of Office in unison can give your action extra power. Use the "people's mic," a call and repeat mechanism to relay messages. You start by calling out "mic check," and the crowd in unison repeats "mic check," until the speaker has everyone's attention. Then you recite the text in small phrases: 


Abbreviated Senatorial Oath of Office

I do solemnly swear that I will

support and defend the Constitution

of the United States against all enemies,

foreign and domestic. . . and that I will

well and faithfully discharge the duties

of the office on which I am about to enter:  

So help me God.

Senate Oath for Impeachment Trial: “I [name] solemnly swear (or affirm, as the case may be) that in all things appertaining to the trial of the impeachment of [name], now pending, I will do impartial justice, according to the Constitution and laws: So help me God."

Honk for Removal

All you need to organize a "Honk for Removal" action is a few people and some signs encouraging motorists to honk if they agree with you. Choose a high-visibility location where you are likely to encounter significant support.


If you have a few more people, organize a stoplight action. They're simple, fun, high-energy, and if done properly, do not risk arrest. Choose an intersection that has stoplights that count down the remaining time before the light turns from red to green. Flood the crosswalk, waving your banners and signs and encouraging motorists to respond. When the time remaining reaches 5, shout out the countdown to make certain everyone has cleared the street. Have postcards or leaflets to hand out to waiting drivers or passing pedestrians, and of course special signs that say HONK FOR REMOVAL. And sign and dance and look out for one another. This is a fun one. Here's footage of one we organized at the White House in November. 

Holding Space

A simple action to hold space  — whether it takes the form of a human billboard, a silent vigil, or just a group of concerned people holding signs  — can be extremely effective when done in a strategic spot. Actions of this kind can be held regularly at a set time for a limited duration, or happen as a pop-up protest in response to breaking news.


When holding space with banners and handheld placards, you don't just want to be a spectacle  — you want to invite people to join you. Be sure you've brought extra signs that interested passersby can hold. When people show interest, invite them to take a turn holding a banner or a sign, and offer to take their photo. Encourage them to share any photographs on social media and if they seem amenable, get their contact info to invite them to your next action. 

Reciting the Impeachment Clause

Whether you're holding a stationary vigil or moving in and out of crosswalks, reciting the impeachment clause of the U.S. Constitution in unison can give your action extra power. Use the "people's mic," a call and repeat mechanism to relay messages. You start by calling out "mic check," and the crowd in unison repeats "mic check," until the speaker has everyone's attention. Then you recite the text in small phrases: 

ARTICLE 2, SECTION 4 of the United States Constitution: "The president, vice president, and all civil officers of the United States shall be removed from office on impeachment for and conviction of treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors."

If trolls counter-protest by shouting pro-Trump slogans, you may find it best to forego the recitation and simply bear silent witness with your banners and placards. The power of silent vigil is tangible.

Pots and Pans Noise Protest

Known as cacerolazos in Latin America, pots and pans protests are form of popular noise demonstration that arose in Chile and Argentina. Their purpose it to make lots of noise in order to be a nonviolent nuisance. They are particularly effective at unnerving attendees of galas, meetings, symposia, and strategy sessions  — do some research and see if the Republican Party has a gathering planned in your area, this kind of action is perfect for holding them accountable for their collusion with Trump. Noisemakers need not be limited to pots and pans. Whistles, bells, drums, vuvuzelas are all welcome. Be sure to bring earplugs for participants!  




To Make Leaflets, Postcards, Stickers, Posters & Banners:

NEW!: Feel free to use these templates in which hypocritical Republican Senators condemn Trump with moral outrage and indignation. DOWNLOAD


Take advantage of the Remove Trump templates which are in the public domain. ZIP file. DOWNLOAD


Useful Reading:


Avail yourself of the following texts for In-depth information on strategies, planning and execution of effective direct actions.


Bye-Bye: A Guide to Bringing Him Down an insert of Unpresidented.
PDF available


Fithian, Lisa. Shut It Down (2019) Chelsea Green Publishing, VT. Of particular interest: facilitation, p. 286; power with/power within/power over, p. 266; dealing with the police, p. 218; action guidelines, p. 102; logistics for a week of action, p. 202.


Kauffman, L.A., Direct Action: Protest and the Reinvention of American Radicalism (2017) Verso, Brooklyn, NY. To understand today’s actions in their historical context.


AMERICAN ANTHEM as sung by Gene Scheer is a perfect song for the current moment because its lyrics speak to our progressive values and feature patriotic themes that can draw in centrists and conservatives. We really need that spirit to pave the way towards democratic norms. Lyrics (PDF)



To lift our spirits, we unite in song. We thank Mark Leydorf and Sing Out Louise for this songbook they have compiled just for us. It’s a wild compendium, some songs may feel appropriate, others not, choose what you will. Songbook (PDF)

DC Hostels:


Below is a list of hostels with confirmed vacancies this week, and there are several good DC hotels charging less than $100/night.


Highroad Hostel

1804 Belmont Rd NW

(60 to 80 beds available)


Duo Housing

1223 11th St NW


DC Lofty

1335 11th St NW


U Street Hostel

1931 13th St


Capitol View Hostel

301 i St NW


Hotel RL

1823 L St