Join us: We are rising up for Trump's removal.

Trump's crimes against our Constitution, our democracy, our humanity, and our future make him utterly unfit to serve as president.

Impeachment is just the first step. Trump must be removed from office. And we the people must lead the way in calling for this removal.


We are gathering at the White House every day from Nov. 2-11 at noon and 6pm to call for Trump's removal.


Join us! We will meet at 16th & H. Bring signs, banners, whistles, noisemakers, your friends, or just yourself. We are committed to a nonviolent convergence. 


We need your help to get the word out! Post on social media about the #RemoveTrump convergence. Invite your friends to our Facebook event. Be sure you've signed up for our email updates, and if you can, make a donation to help cover our costs.


Senate Republicans are holding a strategy retreat at -- where else? ---the Trump Hotel. We're going to pay a visit and let them know, loud and clear, how we feel about them continuing to defend the indefensible and protect Donald Trump.

Meet at the White House (16th & H) at 6pm and we'll march to the Trump Hotel. Bring pots, pans, whistles, drums -- and earplugs! -- for a raucous noise protest.



We will march for Trump's removal on Friday, November 8, the anniversary of the election that put him in the White House. Gather on the southeast side of the US Capitol at 11am, where we will join the #FireDrillFriday rally before marching to the White House. 


This will be the largest action of the week – if you can join us for just one day, come and march with us! Bring signs, whistles, banners, musical instruments, and most of all, bring your people!

Many more details to come and additional actions to be announced – sign up for regular updates and follow us on social media.


Converge at the White House: November 2-11


We will gather at the White House every day from November 2-11 at noon and 6pm to demand Trump’s immediate removal from office and to stand up for our our democracy, our humanity, and our future. 

Join us however you can. Bring your signs and banners, your puppets, your whistles and art-making supplies, your marching bands!  We are committed to a nonviolent convergence. 

Our problems did not begin with Trump, and they will not end with his departure from the White House. So even as we gather to call for Trump's immediate removal, with a daily presence at the White House and related actions all week long, we will work to strengthen our long-term capacity to protect what we love, defend our communities in D.C. and at home, and push for real democracy and justice. Stay tuned for information on trainings, workshops, and assemblies where we will share skills and discuss next steps for removing Trump.

Now is the time to organize, mobilize, and escalate. We cannot count on the institutions that got us into this crisis to save us. History has shown us that when people rise up in our power and take to the streets we can shift the course of history. If you are a lover of justice or a freedom fighter for Indigenous sovereignty, Black lives, or the rights of immigrants, now is the time. If you are fighting to defend democracy, now is the time. If you are working to end detention camps or are rising up for reproductive justice, now is the time. If you are a gay, lesbian, bi, or trans person, now is the time. If you are throwing down to end this climate emergency, now is the time. If you are fighting to protect the integrity of the water, the air, and the land, the protectors are needed. Whether you are motivated by your identity, your faith, your values, or the threats to your community, you are needed. 


Who Are We?

This convergence was initiated by a loose and diverse network of grassroots organizers from many movements. We're organizing this in a collaborative way – we invite those who want to support this initiative to join it by building it. Contact us or join our mailing list to learn more!

We welcome all who share these commitments:

  • We are committed to a nonviolent convergence.

  • We are committed to care for one another and keep each other safe by de-escalating any who intend harm.

  • We gather in solidarity and for the liberation of all people.

  • We honor the land where we are gathering as the ancestral home of the Nacotchtanks and come with respect for the Piscataway Nation who continues to steward this land today.

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